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Waiting for Seasons to Change

There’s a tree outside of our house that I see every time I go into my daughter’s room. I have officially seen it go through each of the year's seasons - each season brings changes to that tree just as beautiful as the previous. We are now about to enjoy my favorite change - from green to a yellow that looks like honey to an orange that looks like a sunset. That tree is a constant reminder for me. It never moves, but it’s always accepting of what is coming and never once has it refused to grow regardless of what changes around it.

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STL - A God Thing

I won’t lie, the last six months have been a blissful and painful challenge for me. I’ve been tested in new ways, but I’ve also dedicated more time to what matters: God, my family and my writing. I’m not sure what the next six months will hold or how long we’ll call St. Louis home, but I’m learning to seek him and hold on to a good [God] thing when I find it.

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