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1, 2, 3…4

We are officially a family of four! It still feels surreal to say that aloud.

We welcomed Ana Grace into our lives on May 8. It was an almost completely uneventful labor and delivery and pure bliss. I even slept through contractions (with Aria Beth I didn’t have the chance to get an epidural so that was a terrible labor) and she took her first breath after less than 30 minutes of pushing. It was beautiful, but not as beautiful as having this precious girl in our home.

It’s amazing how peaceful the newborn stage is compared to the spontaneity and excitement of toddlerhood. Balancing both girls is a challenge, but it’s not as difficult as I anticipated and it’s somehow still possible to have one-on-one time with each girl. Each day has its ups and downs, but I’m pleased to say that there are more ups than downs. After motherhood didn’t treat me so well after having Aria Beth, I am grateful that this time has been different (more on that in my next blog).

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Growing Our Family After Postpartum Depression

During that moment in time, I had been off of my medication for postpartum anxiety and depression for just over four months and after a few rough days at the beginning, I felt back to normal. I was handling chaotic life moments in stride and I was able to talk out my feelings once again. I wasn’t crying in the shower or biting off my husband’s head when he asked how my day had been for the umpteenth time.  I felt good.

Until that positive.

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