Words & Fastballs

IMG_0304.PNG I was sipping on my water and leaning back in my insanely oversized leather office chair reading over MLB.com on my break when a memory made a line drive from my heart to my head.

I was an impressionable sophomore at Florida Southern College, my dear alma mater, sitting in my advisor’s office talking about my next semester’s classes. I was contemplating switching from English to Communications in order to pursue my dream career a bit more directly.


“So, Ashley, tell me what you want to do?"

“I want to work in sports, baseball actually.”

“Oh is that so? Who is your favorite team?”

After a few exchanged lines of favorite sluggers and winning percentages the following words were hurled from his lips:

"I’ve always thought that women shouldn't be heard during baseball, but that’s neither here nor there.”

I sat there.  Smiling. Nodding. Imagining throwing my business writing book straight at his forehead, but I knew that would probably come off as a bit rude.

We moved on to my class schedule right after that. We never spoke about it again and that might have been because the next day I was in the Communications department asking if they would have me. Fortunately they did.

The rest is history.

I became sports editor and I earned a position with the Detroit Tigers for two years. It was the dream. Since then my path has taken a different turn from the sports realm, but I still yearn to make the diamond my office again. But. . .

Moral of my story?

Words are powerful, yet there are still individuals who let words escape their lips like fastballs.