Winter Watch, Mindy, Folders, Pinterest and Dogs


I'm sitting on my bed. I am currently surrounded by portfolios, file folders, two dogs, two roommates and Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).

There's a winter storm brewing outside. Charleston is shutting down for the day. Rain has barely started to fall, but the temperatures are making us all feel the need to fill bathtubs with water and prepare candles for power outages.

There's one dog whimpering from new stitches.  Another snoring.

One roommate talking about her fresh batch of bread made with her new black KitchenAid Mixer.  Another saying, "I'm allergic to dogs, so I shouldn't be cuddling with Bella."

I should be working on a project for work (don't worry, most of it is completed).  I'm actually just sending off enough emails to reinforce the opinions - that I hope circulate around the office - of "Ashley always looks so focused in her office; she's a hard worker!"

But, here I am. . .contemplating finishing my Publix sub and fighting the urge to get lost in Mindy's thoughts.

Happy Winter Watch, y'all.

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