This summer. . .


"You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter." Psalm 74:17 Oh, where has this summer gone?  I know we have just over a month left on the calendar, but let's be realistic, yes?  Once the yellow submarines begin cruising through neighborhoods and fall wreaths hit the shelves, our summer is gone.  As summer begins to say goodbye, it is now time to reflect on how absolutely marvelous this summer has been.  It's been full of adventure and blessings and one that I am excited to relive. . .

This summer, there was some summer lovin'.  Matthew asked and I politely obliged. I get to marry my best friend, how beautiful is that? Ring








This summer was full of God's snacks. We had the most luscious cherries, crunchiest sweet corn and juiciest tomatoes straight from the Farmers Market.









This summer, we celebrated the Fourth with the family on Hilton Head Island.









This summer, there were sunsets that captured God's artwork right before fireworks at Northwood Baptist.









This summer, we went international.  Boarding for Avianca Flight, but first let us take a selfie. . .









This summer, we traveled below the equator to the Andes mountains.



This summer, we ate at Las Cholitas in La Paz, Bolivia.








This summer, we celebrated Papa Armando's birthday with a mariachi.









This summer, we visited Lago Titicaca.  Water shining like diamonds.  Skies mimicking a dome of pure blue. Andes winking at us from afar.






This summer, we decided to bike down the deadliest road in the world.









This summer, we were victorious.  Well, after I cried, sang "Victorious in Jesus" in Spanish for miles at a time, and experienced winter, spring, summer and fall all within 5 hours. Nothing feels impossible after you've faced your deepest fear of being alone and relying on God for safety.  Talk about adrenaline rush. . .



This summer was one that has already made me nostalgic and one that has left me feeling closer to God than ever before.