Sun-touched Blessings


Friday was the longest day of the year and the beginning of a new season. A season that will bring fresh vegetables and fruits from God's amazing creation.

A season that will let the ocean kiss the shore with it's warm waters.

A season that will let sandy feet and red cheeks acceptable at restaurants - on Folly Beach at least.

So, what did this first glorious weekend bring me?

Fresh flowers on my nightstand & porch.

A gorgeous evening walk on the beach with two of my favorite blessings.

With a windows-down-all-the-way ride after said walk.

A dip into the ocean under the moonlight.

A plate full of fresh vegetables from a family farm and an amazing steak.

A Sunday spent in a new church worshiping my God.

A few phone calls back home about the simple parts of life.

And, a restful nap.

Now, if only every summer weekend can be as gorgeous...

Happy Sunshine, y'all!