Autumn is here. When I was a Floridian, I had no idea what "seasons" were or how they felt.  Now, as a South Carolinian, I am just a couple of hours away from some gorgeous mountains and even better. . .the temperature changes when the season changes. . .right here in Charleston!

There have been bursts of cool air.  I've stepped on crunchy brown leaves.  I've even picked out our carving pumpkin!  The days are even growing shorter by the second!  It's such a gorgeous time of year and it is now my favorite. . .yet, I haven't done much.  Yes, I'm less than a month into fall, but there's a list I must accomplish this fall:

  • Carve above mentioned pumpkin
  • Go to a pumpkin patch (this is planned for next weekend with some great friends from church)
  • Bake some fall goodies just for fun
  • Light Matthew's new fire place up (hey, a girl can dream!)

So, as my list continues to grow, I plan on fully documenting this season because I'm starting to realize that these days are passing by far too quickly.