Remembering Our Angel Babies

There’s a candle holder with a small candle that sits on a shelf on a bookcase in our great room. That particular shelf sits closer to the floor and every now and then our daughter will play with it and I’ll find the candle under the loveseat or dining room table. Then, I’ll place the candle back in it’s spot and straighten the holder itself on the shelf next to a family photo from a wedding.

There’s a devotional on my side table next to my reading chair in my room. It’s a devotional I don’t pick up anymore. It’s a devotional I only completed one third of the way. It’s stacked on a shelf with a Harry Potter book, empty journal, scribbled in journal and another devotional I regularly read. Some days when our daughter wanders into our room she’ll pull those books onto the floor and sit among them and flip through the pages. There’s a copy of an image in that devotional (that I never finished) and she’s never been intrigued with it.

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