My First Piece for HVFH

I'm super excited to share that I am now contributing to Her View From Home. I'm not sure how often my pieces will be published or how many more times I'll be able to contribute (I have some other exciting avenues on my road map!). But, for now, I hope you'll enjoy this first piece, "Becoming a Mother is an Endless Story of Grace and Love":

My girl is turning one soon. She’s walking. She’s babbling. She’s feeding herself (and the dog). She’s growing up quicker than I could have ever imagined. She’s gone from a tiny six-pound baby with spiky black hair to a life-filled 23-pound toddler with mostly tamed brown locks. Her blue eyes are more brilliant than ever before. Her tiny hands are reaching for me and the sky. Yet, I am the one who has learned so much over the last year.

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