2016 = Giving

54b3b2c96cf56We're just hours away from 2016!  IT feels marvelous doesn't it? New year. Blank canvas.

You can do anything you want in 2016.  Anything!  You can make 2016 anything you want regardless of what obstacles you think you may face.

With that being said. . .I want to challenge you to make 2016 about giving.


Give your time.

When was the last time you made volunteering a regular part of your lifestyle?  Over the last 13 years, volunteers have logged 104.9 billion hours. That sounds great, right?  It's not enough.  Look at how sad our communities still are with over one-billion hours of volunteering for charitable organizations.  We still need to give our time and make differences in our communities.  Volunteer at your church, a homeless shelter, local middle school or wherever you think your skills and talents will best be used. Here's a link to help you get started.

Give yourself a break.

Don't be so hard on yourself this year.  Yes, you still need to work hard to accomplish your goals.  Yes, you still need to hold yourself to high standards (remember, what's good for you may not be good for someone else).  Yes, you still need to challenge yourself.  No, you don't need to beat yourself up when you make a mistake.  You're not perfect.  You're actually far from it.  Does it mean you're less of a person?  Does it mean you're not good enough?  No.  Give yourself a chance to learn from your mistakes.  If you mess up, please keep moving forward.  It'll be okay.  I promise.

Give your family more.

No matter who you consider family or how many live with (or near) you, give more to them this year.  No, I'm not talking about gifts.  I'm talking about true quality time.  Talk to them about their day or what they hope to accomplish in the near or distant future.  Take a break and disconnect from electronics and have a game night.  Do you know how much fun Apples to Apples can be when you get enough people around the table?

Most importantly, give your heart to God.

He loves you. He really does.  He knows what you struggled with in 2015.  He knows what you didn't accomplish in 2015.  He knows.  Give Him an opportunity to love you and to be there for you in 2016. He sent His son as the ultimate gift years and years ago just to prove that He's willing to do anything for you. Believe me, just because I love God and know Jesus Christ as my Savior, it doesn't mean that it's all perfect all day every day.  I get sad.  I hurt.  I get upset.  I lose my cool.  BUT, without Christ, I can only imagine how much more difficult my life would be.

Why not give Him your heart this year?

Already have Him in your heart?  Give him your time and praise not just on Sundays, but every day.


Well, that's my challenge - and wish - for y'all in 2016. I hope and pray that you all have a great 2016 full of love and adventure and plenty of peaceful moments.

I love y'all.  Really, I do.