I Like Running (I Think)

I like running. Really, I do. I mean I don’t like being sore the day after a run, but I enjoy it for the most part. I also don't like that my thighs jiggle and rub together, but that's not the point of this blog. So, a few months ago, I bought this ridiculously heavy jogging stroller. While it is gorgeous and I feel like super mom while pushing it, I know that I look like a turtle going through quick sand. A lot of quicksand.

So, lately, I’ve been training for 5Ks and 10Ks in hopes of running a half marathon in 2019. During these training sessions, I like to complain. A lot. It’s a major flaw that I have and that I own.

Aria, I can’t breath.

Why is my chubbiness shaking so much?

No, Nike, we cannot ‘just do it’!

Why are there so many hills here?!

As I’m shouting to Aria as we go through our new ‘hood, I realize that I’m being a drama mama somewhere after the first half mile. I then suck it up and start shouting details and questions to Aria.

Oooh they haven’t pulled weeds yet.

Do you see that cloud?

Do they think that’s a flower? It’s not.

This precious girl has no clue what’s I’m saying, but I am her first teacher and school is in session.

By the end of each 35-minute-ish running session, I feel really out of breath and there is rarely a “second wind”. Yet, at the end of it, Aria is absolutely content. She has this most peaceful and satisfied look on her face. In that moment when I look at her with my messy bun and chapped lips (because I am never hydrated enough), I am content. I’m slowly teaching my beautifully, chubby babe who has the most gorgeous rolls and brilliant monkey-see-monkey-do philosophy that we should practice self-care and healthy habits.

It's with each stride that I'm learning to embrace that my body has done something marvelous (i.e. Aria Beth) and is in progress of doing something even greater (walk hand-in-hand with Aria Beth through this topsy turvy world). While I may never be a 7-minute-mile runner, I do find myself becoming quicker at a few things:

I'm quicker to accept myself and my body.

I'm quicker to watch my tongue in front of Aria Beth.

I'm quicker to appreciate that I have feet that can take me where I need to go.

I'm quicker to realize that God has given me everything I need to appreciate Him and everything He's done for us.

So, here's to the sun burning our legs, the wind messing our hair and our hearts racing fast because we can.