30 Days With Aria Beth


You are the rose of my heart,You are the love of my life. A flower not fading nor falling apart, If you're tired, rest your head on my arm. Rose of my heart.

Aria Beth has been with us for one month. Thirty precious days. Some days have been filled with tears and worry, but most days have been filled with cuddles and 2 a.m. Johnny Cash listening sessions while gliding in our rocker.

It feels as if we have waited for her for lifetimes. In just 30 days those lifetimes have become mere seconds. She has made every heartbreak diminish just a bit. She has made each needle prick and countless minute in waiting rooms worth it. She has made me stare at her in wonder and praise God for making it to 38 weeks.

During these 30 days, we have had quite the adventure. We went through a natural labor with no epidural. We spent sometime at the MUSC Children's Hospital. We learned that breastfeeding wouldn't be easy and formula plus some of that liquid gold would be a permanent part of her diet. There were quite a bit of tears with that last one. We have traveled to visit grandma and grandpa in Beaufort. We have ventured to Wannamaker for a picnic. We have transitioned to a stay-at-home lifestyle. We applied for and received her first passport. Bolivia here we come! We have read every book in our nursery library. We have cuddled in bed as a family on Saturday mornings. We have had 30 days of simply living and loving one another.

You know how they say that the love you feel for a child is something else? They're right. The way I love God is incomparable to all of this, of course. The way I love my Matthew has set the foundation for having a family. But, my love for Aria is something else. She was a part of me for months. We shared moments only we will ever experience. She heard my private thoughts when I said them aloud. She consoled me with her kicks when I thought this was all too good to be true. This love I have for her is something else. This family we have together is something else. And, I wouldn't trade this something for anything else in the world.