15 Reminders


Every Sunday I am reminded of how glorious God is to every single one of us. It's not because of the soul-awakening sermons I hear - even though they are full of conviction.

It's not because of the touching worship songs - even though they are powerful.

It's not because I can spend all afternoon watching Netflix without a single worry - even though I still have bills to pay come Monday morning.

It's for 15 simple, yet very precious reasons.  15 very special people.

My Sunday school class.

I am a member of an amazing church in North Charleston called Northwood Baptist.  I have had the blessing to be called upon by my Lord to serve as teacher to the 1st and 2nd graders of our church since August.  I'm also fortunate enough to serve with my Matthew who is now my assistant teacher each Sunday.  Without a second pair of hands I would be just a bit lost.

Every Sunday for one hour, I have the minds of these innocent children in my care. I am given the responsibility to teach these little people about Christ's grace and love while doing fun crafts!  Children have always had a special place in my heart.  They are the best reminders of what love is able of doing in our lives.

So, as these last few months have passed, I have had the chance to practice what God calls us to do. . .and then some.

I'm learning patience through my stubborn and oh-so-perfectionist type personalities.

I'm learning compassion through my new autistic baby.

I'm learning how to pray.  The best line I've heard yet?  "Lord, I just pray that he comes to a decision about you in His life. I love you and I know he will love you, too, one day."

I'm learning how to forgive a little easier. . .even if it's just over taking one of the crayons I was just about to pick up and use.

I'm learning to be okay with my circumstances through how easily these children adjust to changes in our schedule.

I'm learning love through each and every one of those sweet children.

If these 15 souls were to follow me every single moment of my week from Sunday afternoon on, I am sure that I would be embarrassed and would have far too many marks against me, but lucky for me. . .I'm still learning just how beautiful God's grace is in my life.