Well, Hello, Autumn.

Well, Hello, Autumn.

It’s coming to an end.

The warm breezes that caressed our skin as we drove to baseball games and the ocean side will now change to brisk kisses that leave our cheeks pink.

The long days that left us with more than enough time to accomplish our summer bucket list will now turn into long nights that give us a chance to share hot chocolate (or Cafe Mocha, in my case) and enjoy Monday night football.

Summer is coming to an end.  This summer has left me with life lessons that took far too long to learn and moments that I’ll be able to mark as my most important.  As cliche as it sounds. . .I’ve lived, loved and lost.

Summer has always been a time for me to be optimistic about the future.  It’s always been a time of contentment for me.  This year was no different; it’s rejuvenated me and helped me find passion again.  It’s always been there to ease me into the quiet decisions autumn often places before me.  After a summer of worries few and far between (well. . .maybe few and far between) it’s time for me to decide where I’ll end my 2012.  Moving to this little oasis of Bluffton for the winter, spring and summer of 2012 has given me a chance to start fresh and now’s it’s time to turn a new leaf as the leaves begin to float lazily to the ground.  It’s time for autumn to put to sleep my hopes and dreams and rely on my knowledge to move forward.  It’s time to harvest what I’ve thought about all summer.

Here’s to a happy fall, darlings.

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