Same Page

Same Page

I have a confession.

Matthew and I have never sat down and read the Bible together.  Well, studied the Bible together to be exact.

Well, we’ve most certainly sat next to one another at church and read the same scripture the Pastor was sharing.

We’ve been to the same small groups and sat in a room with others and read a passage.

We’ve sat quietly next to one another and have independently dived into scripture on our own in different parts of the Bible.

Yet, we’ve never studied His Word together. Tonight we did.  We were suppose to meet up with our new weekly small group, but traffic and weather decided to keep us nice and cozy in a gridlock.  I digress. . .

So we returned to the house and opened the Bible and went over the study on our own.  Then we prayed.  Never have we ever truly delved into the Bible or prayed the way we prayed tonight.   It was different.  We were on the same page – literally and figuratively – spiritually.  We know marriage won’t be easy.  We know it will take a lot of work. Patience. Forgiveness. And, a whole lot of Jesus.  But. . .we’re still on the same page.

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2 thoughts on “Same Page”

  1. There is nothing to be ashamed of not having read the bible together however, it is a habit and mandatory thing that needs to happen for a successful marriage. Reading the bible together and praying together needs to natural habits you guys should develop now so that they can continue through marriage. You will learn that nothing compares to the openness and transparency that comes from reading and praying together as a couple. Two very vital things that are needed in a marriage that seeks to glorify Jesus. I also highly encourage you guys to find a pastor or christian counselor who can do some premarital counseling with you guys before you tie the knot. I know the world looks at counseling and says because you do that it means your marriage is broken or something is terribly wrong with you. But counseling is very biblical and highly beneficial for any couple. I can’t tell you how helpful me and my future wife’s counseling has been. Taking the time to learn solid biblical principals that you will continue to learn through marriage can do wonders for your future as you seek to have a Christ centered marriage. Hope this helps!!

    1. I 100% agree, Randy! It’s amazing how coming together as one, with Christ as the foundation, can bring you closer to one another and to Him. Counseling is so important, too. We actually had our counseling last fall and we have one more session before the wedding. It’s been such a blessing to us to see how we each approach marriage differently, yet with the same end goal. Marriage is a genuine reflection of our relationship with Him and counseling has opened our eyes to that. Last night was more of an aha! moment. For 26+ years, we have been two individuals concerned about our own spiritual walks – through individual Bible studies, personal time and group studies we have done together – and last night we came together in a way we previously had not. We’re also doing a new marriage Bible study at church (so neat to see couples who have been together 40+ years to engaged couples) going through it together and realizing what forever means in an eternal light. If you want some extra, and good, reading I suggest You and Me Forever.

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