Once (Journal)

I thought about you once. Once actually means quite a few hundred times when I least expected it.

Like. . .

When I was was rinsing my cup of coffee and a sun ray hit a bubble just right. Pop.


When I was loading the wet towels into the dryer and a sock peeked out from behind the washing machine.


When I was lazily cruising through the country and the rows of orange trees dizzied me for a moment.


When I was taking off my earrings one late late night and the mirror reminded me that the matching necklace was lost at the bottom of the ocean.


When I was cleaning out the attic and an old box helped me face my addiction to unwearable shoes, movie ticket stubs, and deflated birthday balloons.


When I was drifting to sleep to Mana‘s lullabies and they shared our story in a melody.

I thought about you once.

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