My Writing

For years, I have been told “Ashley, you’re a good writer.”

I know I am, but that’s not to say that I don’t have room to grow.  I know I am, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy to share my words.

I’ve shared some pieces of writing on this blog, and then I’ve hurriedly deleted them.  I’ve read pieces aloud after mini panic attacks, and then I’ve excused myself from the room.

I always say that I want to be a NY Times Best Selling Author or a well-known writer, but I’ve never been willing to share my writings on this blog. Pathetic, right?  So, here I am.

I’m hoping to turn this site into a place for four types of writings:

Keeping The Faith (Testimony/Devotional Moments) I’m a striving Christian & I want to continue sharing what Christ has done for me.

Creative Nonfiction Some pieces may be based on factual events of my life or stories others have told me. If you ask for the truth, I won’t tell. You can assume that they are all my stories, or you can assume that they belong to one of the many colorful characters in my life.

Poetry I love haikus.  And villanelles.

My Days Who doesn’t like talking about their own life? I like to share images of the parts of my life that I absolutely adore, so expect photos on those posts.

Photojournalism Now, this isn’t necessarily about the written word, but the spoken word.  I will add articles to each photo story, but it will vary.

I hope that with this format, I can release the jumbled, floating words in my head.  I also hope that you enjoy what I have to write!


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