Me, the Introvert.

Me, the Introvert.

I often don’t feel understood when it comes to being an introvert.  Wait, did you even know I was an introvert?  I was often considered a social butterfly growing up, but in reality it only made me anxious or really, really tired. The older I became the more I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed my alone time.  Well, it’s more of I need my alone time.

I need to wake up to silence.

I need to get ready at my own pace.

I need to sip on my coffee in silence. Or reading a book.

I need to sit outside and not see a single person.

I need to listen to the radio in silence and silently laugh at the morning talk show hosts’ corny jokes.

I need to walk into my office and shut the door and set up my entire work area before saying “Good morning” to my co-workers.

And the list can go on and on. . .especially at the end of a work day when all I want to do is watch television and escape from a hectic day or dive into my book yet again.

I enjoy having a small group of friends. I don’t need to go to a loud party every night, or at all even.  I have my group of friends I love spending time with, but don’t necessarily need to make many more. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy social gatherings or meeting new people – those have to be done in short doses or over extended periods of time. I don’t need to always be surrounded by people because that’s the “social norm”.

I never felt accepted by many people because of this and I think it’s because they think I’m just anti-social or grumpy, but in reality, I am happiest when alone. I am content after a day meeting people and then sitting in silence and letting quite a few days pass before jumping right into another social frenzy.

I am finally at a point where I have accepted who I am and I am an introvert. Happy Sunday!

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